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 Mike Lestrange,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (719) 896-6196
 Commissioner since 2013

Competition Site: Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex, 7790 Route 1, Fort Carson

Click here for maps & directions 


All athletes participating in shooting at Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex must read and sign the following waiver/release form before participating.  To expedite this process, CLICK HERE, to download the waiver.  Please sign and bring it to check in on the first day of competition. Children who are under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 


Competition Date: Saturday, July 28

Participant Entry Fees and Deadlines:
Registration Deadline (July 24): Youth/Junior/Senior - $15 for first event, $10 for each additional event; Adult - $20 for first event, $10 for each additional event
Day of Registration (On-Site): Youth/Junior/Senior - $25 for first event, $10 for each additional event; Adult - $30 for first event, $10 for each additional event


Thanks to Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex, all active duty or retired military RMSG shooters can continue shooting at the range following competition for a discounted price of $8 with proof of registration. For a complete list of daily rates, click hereRegistered competitors: Once registered, shooters will receive a discount on the range fees, and enables small bore silhouette practice and other types of shooting. Please connect with the range office for pricing. Practice: It is strongly urged that competitors practice well in advance of the competition. Topics such as rule set, allowances, tools, ammunition, scoring, awards, weather and much more are covered. To-scale paper targets will be available at the range or can be printed below.



Military Support Program:  The Military Support Program has been created to allow active duty and retired service members, their spouses and dependents to participate in the Rocky Mountain State Games at up to a 50% discount off the normal registration fees. For Military Registration Assistance applications and more information, visit the Military Support Program webpage.            

Youth (7-13) 
Junior (14-17)
Adult (18+)
Senior (55+)
Rifle (Iron Sight Only)
Rifle (Optics)
Handgun (Iron Sight Only)
Handgun (Optics)

Note: Age is determined as of July 28, 2018

General Guidelines: Competitors must provide their own equipment (handgun, rifle & ammunition). Safety glasses and hearing protection are (required). Athletes are required to have their own firearm and will be permitted to shoot only one firearm per event. Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex has limited .22 rifles available to rent if needed on a first come, first serve basis. Only .22 caliber LR rifles and handguns are allowed in competition. Max speed for ammunition is 1,300 FPS. Overall medals will be awarded for 1st - 3rd place in each division. Male and female shooters will compete in the same division categorized by event and age. All competitors should review this website for periodic updates. 

Competition Format: 1/5 scale Chicken, Pig, Ram, Turkey, & Smallbore Silhouettes - CLICK HERE to see the size of the targets. For complete competition rules and format, click here. Modified NRA Rules ( will govern all events. Each shooter will get 60 shots (15 at each silhouette category) per event. Rifles can be supported by sandbags or rests; handguns are required to be shot standing, with no support. Target distances: Rifle - 40m; handgun- 12m. Time limit - 4 minutes of firing time for each set of 15 targets (Adult/Senior); 5 minutes of firing time for each set of 15 targets (Junior/Youth). Once time concludes, the range will be cleared to reset the targets for the next shooter. After "Cease Fire" is called any shot taken after will not be counted. Repeat for each target group.  Shooters will be alloted alibi's for certain circumstances that prevent a target from being knocked down. Alibi rules and complete competition format are outlines in the .22 Silhouette Competition Rules. Tie breakers will be facilitated at the instruction and discretion of the RMSG Shooting Commissioner. 

Note to all competitors: Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex does not require Ft Carson firearms registry for any shooting activity. RMSG Commissioner or appointed range safety officer has judicious decision authority with the intention to keep safety, fair play, flow and spirit of the game enjoyable for all. Deviations and allowances will be based on issues and serious nature. Rocky Mountain State Games reserves the right to modify, combine, or cancel divisions based on registration numbers to ensure a safe and quality competition. 

**Inclement Weather Policy** In the event of competition cancellation due to inclement weather, the Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex will issue each competitor a voucher for either a make-up competition (planned and executed through CMSC, not affiliated with RMSG). 

*The RMSG has a NO REFUND policy. Click Here for details on eligibility, inclement weather, refunds, etc.  

Competition Schedule: (Competition schedule is subject to change based on final registration numbers and range capacity.)

Saturday, July 28
8:00 - 9:00 a.m. - Day of Registration & Competitor Check-In/Practice
9:00 a.m. - Mandatory Competitor Meeting and Safety Briefing
9:30 a.m. - 1st Prep Time / Competition Starts