1993 Air Academy Girls’ Soccer (nominated in 2015; 2017)2012 Air Academy Girls’ Soccer (began tracking in 2014)
1988-89 Coronado Volleyball (nominated in 2015)
2013-2015 Cheyenne Mountain Girls Soccer (began tracking in 2016
1991-92 Doherty Girls Basketball (nominated in 2016)
1992 Doherty Girls Basketball (nominated in 2014)
1975 Fountain Fort Carson Girls’ Track (began tracking in 2014)
1995-97 Harrison Girls’ Basketball (began tracking in 2014)
2014 Lewis-Palmer Volleyball (began tracking in 2014)
2014 Mesa Ridge Girls’ Basketball (nominated in 2015)
1980 Palmer Girls’ Swimming (nominated in 2017)
2003-2011 The Classical Academy Girls Cross Country (nominated in 2014)
1983 Wasson Gymnastics (began tracking in 2011)

1989 Air Academy Baseball (nominated in 2014)
1993 Air Academy Football (nominated 2009)
2015 Air Academy Boys’ Basketball (began tracking in 2015)
2015 Colorado Springs Christian School Basketball (began tracking in 2015)
1955 Colorado Springs High School Baseball (nominated in 2016)
1995 Colorado Springs High School Baseball (nominated in 2015)
1977 Colorado Springs School for the Deaf & Blind Football (nominated 2015)
2012 Coronado Boys’ Cross Country (nominated in 2015)
2014 Coronado Boys’ Golf (nominated in 2015)
1963 Cheyenne Mountain Football (nominated in 2011)
1988 Cheyenne Mountain Hockey (nominated in 2014)
1991 Cheyenne Mountain Hockey (began tracking in 2014)
1991-2012 Cheyenne Mountain Boys’ Tennis (began tracking in 2014)
1982 Doherty Boys’ Soccer (nominated in 2014)
1965 Harrison Boys’ Basketball (nominated in 2014)
1973 Harrison Boys Basketball (nominated in 2014)
2004 Liberty Boys’ Soccer (began tracking in 2014)
1988 Manitou Springs Football (nominated in 2014)
1990 Manitou Springs Football (began tracking in 2015)
1971 Mitchell Boys’ Basketball (nominated in 2015)
1973 Mitchell Boys Basketball (nominated in 2013)
1975 Mitchell Football (nominated in 2015) `
1977 Mitchell Football (nominated in 2015)
1993 Palmer Boys’ Basketball (nominated in 2015)
2017 Palmer Football (began tracking in 2019)
2014 Pine Creek Football (began tracking in 2014)
1996 Rampart Boys’ Basketball (nominated in 2016)
1998 Rampart Football Team
2009-10 Sierra Boys’ Basketball (nominated in 2015)
1978 Wasson Boys’ Basketball (nominated in 2015)
1979-81 Widefield Boys’ Track & Field (began tracking in 2014)
1985 Widefield Boys’ Basketball (began tracking in 2014)
1993 Cheyenne Mountain Boys Soccer- 1993 State Champions (nominted in 2020)

2011-14 Air Force Academy Women’s’ Lacrosse (began tracking in 2014)

1958 Air Force Academy Football (began tracking 2019)
1999 Air Force Academy Men’s Swimming (nominated in 2014)
2014 Air Academy Men’s Soccer (began tracking in 2014)
1950 Colorado College Football (nominated in 2011)
1957 Colorado College Hockey (began tracking in 2011)

1953 Colorado Springs Sky Sox (nominated in 2013)
1992 Colorado Springs Sky Sox (began tracking in 2015)
1995 Colorado Springs Sky Sox (began tracking in 2015)

2010 U.S. Olympic Men’s Bobsled
Helen Hunt Elementary School – basketball court, best players in the city played pickup games there


Alicia Ladimir- 1997 Track & Field 100 M State Champion (began tracking in 2013)
Ann Finke- Colorado PGA, Professional Golfer (nominated in 2015)
Anna Trinidad Heidinger- Swimming, Cheyenne Mountain HS (nominated 2013)
Becky Varnum- Four-year Cheyenne Mountain state tennis champ, all-American at Notre Dame
Bonnie Blair – Retired American speed skater, competed in 4 Olympics, 5 gold, 1 bronze medal (began tracking 2019)
Cindy McCoy – Roller Derby (began tracking in 2014)
Courtney Stuard – High School Softball, CSCS (began tracking in 2011)
Crystal Krebs – UCCS Softball All American (nominated in 2012, 2013)
Dana Lyon – 2004 Air Force Track Athlete (began tracking in 2015)
Haleigh Washington – Doherty High School volleyball (nominated in 2016, 2019)
Janeesa “Chucky” Jeffrey – Basketball, Sierra High School, U of Colorado, WNBA (nominated in 2019)
Jeanne Stunyo Korpak – USOC Diving (began tracking in 2011)
Jessika Stratton – four sport star at Coronado High School, see article (nominated in 2016)
Katie Compton – Mountain Biker / Cyclo-Cross (began tracking in 2014)
Kelley Dolphus Stroud (1905/06-1975) – Colorado College Track (nominated in 2017) Lauren Howe – St. Mary’s Golfer, LPGA Tour winner
Lisa Rainsberger – marathoner, last U.S. woman to win Boston Marathon
Maiya Anderson – 1997 Air Force Swimming Athlete (began tracking in 2015)
Maren Hendershot-McCrary – Soccer Athlete and Coach, attended Doherty HS (nominated 2012)
Mary Polaski (nominated in 2019)
Tracy Cunningham – Olympic Weightlifter (began tracking in 2013)

Adam Wheeler – Olympic Wrestler (nominated in 2017)
A.J. Kuhle – USAFA Basketball Player (nominated in 2011)
Albert Edward Jones – Colorado Springs City League Baseball/MLB, first Colorado resident to play in MLB (nominated in 2012)
Andy Smith – Air Force Football Fullback – (began tracking in 2016)
Apollo Ohno – Olympic Speed skating Gold Medalist, seven time medalist (began tracking in 2011)
Bart Weiss – 1986 Air Force Football Athlete (began tracking in 2015)
Ben Garland – USAFA grad; NFL – Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers (began tracking in 2020)
Bernie Legette – Mitchell HS graduate, played for New England Patriots (began tracking in 2016)
Bob Nieman – Pentathlete & fencer, AFA star swimmer (2009)
Bobby Purify – Palmer HS, CU football
Bradley J. Buetow* – Track and Hockey Athlete, CC Hockey Coach (nominated in 2011)
Carl F. Schueler – Race Walking (nominated in February 2012)
Colin Stuart – former CC hockey player, former NHL/AHL player, currently plays in Europe (began tracking 2019)
Dan Audick – Wasson State Championship Football Team / Super Bowl winner (began tracking in 2016)
David Cortez – Basketball for Colorado College (nominated in 2016)
Dolphus Stroud – distance runner
Don Bates- Colorado College hockey player and color commentator (nominated in 2014)
Don Myers – NCAA National Champion in Track & Field, COS native (nominated in 2012, 15, 16, & 17)
Donald L. Brown – Swimming, COS native (nominated in 2014)
Eddie Mio – 1970 All American goalie (nominated 2009)
Gaylord Smith – Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (nominated 2013)
Glenn Morris – RMAC Hall of Fame, multisport athlete at CSU (nominated in 2010)
Gustav Olofsson – former CC hockey player, currently plays in NHL (began tracking 2019)
Henry Cejudo – Coronado High School / Olympic Gold Medalist / UFC Champion (began tracking in 2019)
Henry Gonzales Former PBS Bowler (nominated in 2010)
Hunter Kemper – USA Triathlon, COS resident (nominated 2013)
Jack Hillen – former CC hockey player, former NHL player (began tracking 2019)
Jaden Schwartz – Former Colorado College Tigers athlete, currently in NHL (began tracking in 2015)
Jim Thome – Sky Sox player, MLB HOF (nominated 2018)
Joe Wallace – Palmer HS, professional basketball, ABA? Denver Nuggets?
Joey Crabb – former CC hockey player, former NHL/AHL player, coaches in Alaska (began tracking 2019)
Kris Fredheim – former CC hockey player, former NHL player, currently plays in AHL (began tracking 2019)
Lamarr Houston ­– NFL football player, Doherty High School
Lee Hall – Golf (nominated in 2014)
Louis Unser – PPIHC Participant (Began tracking in 2011)
Mark Stuart – Former Colorado College Tigers athlete, currently in NHL (began tracking in 2015)
Marty Sertich – Hockey, Colorado College, NHL (Nominated in 2019) Michael Harrington – Established golfer in the state of Colorado (began tracking in 2015)
Nate Prosser – Former Colorado College Tigers athlete, currently in NHL (began tracking in 2015)
Pat Rice – Baseball Athlete, attended Air Academy HS (nominated in 2010)
Paul K. Maruyama – USA Judo (nominated 2013)
Peter Sejna – Hockey, Colorado College, NHL (nominated 2019)
Phil Loadholt – Fountain Fort Carson Football (nominated in 2017)
Ralph Bruning – won Pikes Peak Hill Climb stock-car division eight times, died of cancer in 2000
Randy Gulley – Bowling, COS native (nominated in 2014)
Randy Schranz – PPIHC (nominated in 2014)
Raymond Dudley – 1990 Air Force Basketball athlete (began tracking in 2015)
Reggie Jackson – NBA player; Palmer High School
Rick Barry – former NBA player, COS resident (nominated in 2015)
Robert Lee Nieman — USAFA Swimmer (nominated in 2005)
Roger Austin – Climbed the Manitou Incline 1719 times in one year (nominated 2016)
Ryan Haygood – former CC football standout (began tracking 2019)
Rylan Schwartz – former CC hockey player, former AHL player, currently plays in Germany (began tracking 2019)
Sam Montoya – Adams State (Cross Country / Track) (nominated in 2020)
Sherlock Holmes – Mitchell HS Basketball Athlete (nominated 2012)
Steve Sabol – athlete at CC; NFL Films (nominated in 2014)
Steven Holcomb – Bobsled, COS resident (nominated in 2010)
Ted Nusbaum – great former CC lacrosse player (began tracking 2019)
Ted Castaneda- Highschool, Collegiate athlete (nominated in 2020)
Terry Maki- Linebacker for AFA (1983-1986) (nominated in 2020)
Terry Miller – Football, Mitchell High School, Oklahoma State, NFL (Nominated in 2019)
Thomas Anthony Brennan – Hockey, COS resident (began tracking in 2011)
Todd Helton – Sky Sox, MLB player (nominated 2009)
Tom Hovasse – Penn State, professional basketball in Japan/NBA; Widefield HS, coach of Japan team
Tom Southall – Football & Track, Colorado College (nominated in 2018)
Tony DuCros – Basketball, Regis University (nominated in 2014, 2019)
Tyler Miller – NFL player (nominated in 2017)
Vincent Jackson – NFL wide receiver; Fountain Fort Carson HS or Widefield HS

Polaski Family – Mary (deceased) national speed skating champion, Ken coaching gymnastics and speed skating, Scott in speed skating and CC hockey, Mary’s sister Bonnie Blair training here in summers
Unser Family – Bobby has been inducted himself but also Robby, Al and Al Jr. as well as Uncle Louis Unser, the pioneer, PPIHC


Al Blanc – HS basketball coach at multiple Colorado Springs schools (began tracking in 2013)
Art Hassler – Former Football, Basketball, and Track Coach, Longtime Fountain-Fort Carson track coach, nine state team championships (nominated in 2015)
Ben Montoya – The Gazette Boys’ Track and Field Coach of the Year in 2014, Fountain-Fort Carson
Bill Percy – St. Mary’s High School baseball coach; coached at Mitchell and Palmer High Schools; international baseball clinics, nationally known (began tracking in 2017)
Bob Spear – First Air Force men’s basketball coach, invented four-corner offense, mentor of Dean Smith and Gregg Popovich (began tracking in 2015)
Brad Mills – Former Manager of the Sky Sox (nominated in 2017)
Bob Guthrie – former TF coach (began tracking in 2019)
Carl Krug – Basketball Coach at Doherty/Mitchell High Schools, multiple state championships (nominated 2012)
Chris Carmichael – Carmichael Training Systems (began tracking in 2011)
David Barkley – CMHS Volleyball Coach; 6 x 4A state championships (began tracking in 2018)
Dean Smith – USAFA & Collegiate Basketball Coach (nominated in 2014)
Dick Fanning – Air Academy High School baseball coach, state championships (began tracking in 2017)
Donald Hansen – Hockey coach, Cheyenne Mountain HS (nominated in February 2012)
Doug Hugill – long-time Coronado Cross Country Coach (began tracking in 2017)
Eddie Weichers – longtime USAFA boxing coach (nominated 2011)
Floyd Withrow – Former coach and ambassador (nominated in 2015 & 2017)
Frank Serratore – USAFA hockey coach
Gary Barnett – Air Academy football, then Fort Lewis, CU assistant, Northwestern (Rose Bowl) and Colorado head coach (nominated in 2015)
Gene Miranda – Former Air Force Men’s Golf Coach (began tracking in 2015)
Greg Poppovich – Head Basketball Coach for San Antonio Spurs / USAFA (nominated in 2014)
Jack Busher — Soccer coach, Cheyenne Mountain HS (began tracking in 2011)
John Gagliardi – Colorado College Football Coach (nominated in 2013)
Ken Armbruster – Former coach U.S. National Women’s Goalball team (nominated in 2015/2016)
Kenneth Polaski Sr. – Former coach of various sports (nominated in 2015)
Kent Christy — Community/High School, Mitchell/Palmer HS, Swimming Coach (nominated in 2006)
Michael Doane – Head Coach and CEO of the Colorado Springs Swim Team (began tracking in 2015)
Mike Brown – Basketball Coach (nominated in 2017)
Mike Hargrove – Sky Sox manager (nominated 2009)
Mike Provenzano – high school hockey coach at Palmer & Cheyenne Mountain, 4 state titles in 40 years
Mitch Johnson – High School Football Coach (nominated in 2017)
Rich Gugat — head tennis coach USAFA (nominated in 2018)
Robert Guthrie – Cross Country coach at multiple COS high schools (nominated February 2012)
Sang Lee – U.S. Taekwondo, coach, athlete (nominated 2013, 2019)
Scott_Owens – CC Hockey coach (nominated 2009)
Todd Miller – Pine Creek HS football coach, state championships (began tracking in 2017)
Tom Forster – Mitchell HS Gymnastics coach (nominated in 2011 & 2014)
Wayne Marshall – Air Academy High School hockey coach, state championships; high school soccer Championships (began tracking in 2017


Judy Barnett – Built Manitou volleyball program, then assistant commissioner of Colorado High School Activities Association (began tracking in 2011)
Laura Golden – Pioneered Women’s Sports at CC (nominated 2009)
Leslie Gamez – Managing Director of International Games at the USOC (nominated 2016)

Bill MacPhail – Baseball, Sky Sox (nominated in 2012)
Bill Tutt – (began tracking in 2018)
Boyd Epley – Founder of National Strength & Conditioning Association (began tracking in 2015)
Brandon Slay – USA Wrestling staff member (nominated in 2015)
Bruce Kola – Former athletic trainer at Colorado College (nominated in 2015)
Carl Peterson – Community, Colorado Springs native (began tracking in 2011)
Craig Thompson – Mountain West Conference (nominated in 2016, 2019)
Dan Foster – Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (nominated in 2014)
Dave Black- Professional Photographer who has cover sporting events around the world
David Weinstein, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon, Consultant for USOPC (nominated in 2019)
Doug Beal – Chief Executive Officer, USA Volleyball (nominated 2016)
Floyd G. “Schott” Davis – USAFA & Colorado Springs Community (began tracking in 2011)
Harry Holliday – (nominated 2009)
James “Jim” Warner Page – Athlete, Coach, and Administrator, COS resident (nominated in 2005)
Jim Conboy – USAFA athletic trainer (nominated in 2014)
Jim Fox – Leader in Colorado Springs Sports Community since 1981 (nominated in 2019)
Joe Ellis – President of Denver Broncos (nominated in 2015)
John Clune – Air Force Athletic Director, arena named for him (nominated 2016)
John Owens – KKTV sports broadcaster (nominated in 2017)
Juan Reid – CC (began tracking in 2011)
Kurt Geist – Archery athlete, leader (Nominated in 2019)
Larry Cronk – Community/USAFA (began tracking in 2011)
Lee Douglas – 30 years in sport broadcasting (nominated 2009)
Norm Jones – Colorado Avalanche announcer, attended Fountain Valley HS (nominated in 2010)
Paul Angelico – Leader in Colorado Springs and state of Colorado high school sports (nominated in 2019)
Randy Campbell- NFL Official (nominated in 2020)
Robert “Rod” Rodriguez – athletic trainer (nominated in 2017)
Scott Blackmun – USOC (began tracking in 2018)
Sox The Fox – Sky Sox Mascot (nominated in 2017)
Spencer Penrose – Hill Climb, Polo, and Rodeo (nominated in 2010)
Steve Johnson – USA Cycling; former CEO
Steve Kirkham – longtime UCCS Athletic Director and coach (see nomination)
Tara Naught – (began tracking in 2013)
Terry Madden – USOC, CEO USADA (nominated in 2011)
Travis Tygart – USOC (nominated 2013; 2017)
Vic Kregel – USAFA, UCCS (nominated in 2011)
Wendell Baker – Administrator Sierra High School (began tracking in 2018)