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Figure Skating

General Information

The Colorado Springs Invitational is part of the 2023 Skate Colorado Compete USA Series. It is also the Rocky Mountain State Games Figure Skating event to qualify for State Games of America 2024 in San Diego, CA.

Click below for full event schedule:

West Schedule

East Schedule

Competition Date(s)

September 7 – September 10, 2023

Registration Entry Fees & Deadlines

Event Registration Deadline – (August 4)

Music Deadline – (August 25)

  • Anyone submitting their music after the deadline is subject to a $50 admin fee per segment.
  • Anyone needing to change their music after the music deadline will be assessed a $25.00 change fee per segment.

Planned Program Deadline – (August 25)

  • Anyone not submitting a PPC by the deadline date will be assessed a $50.00 fee PER SEGMENT

Registration Fees:

First IJS event $130
Additional IJS event $65
First 6.0 Event $110
2nd & subsequent 6.0 Event $55
First Compete USA Event $70
2nd & subsequent Compete USA $40
Memorial Solo Dances $5
Duets/Trios/Ensembles $110 Late Entry Fee (after 8/4) $50 Change Fee (after 8/4) $50 Late Music Fee (after 8/25) $50 Music Change Fee (after 8/25) $25 Late PPC Fee (after 8/25) $50

Competition Venue

Monument Ice Rinks (16240 Old Denver Rd, Monument, CO 80132)

  • East Rink – NHL size with rounded corners
  • West rink – 200 x 85 with rounded corners

Competition Format Details



  • Excel Free Skate (Beginner – High Beginner) (6.0)
  • Excel Free Skate (All Plus Levels, Pre-Preliminary – Senior) (IJS)
  • Short Program (Juvenile – Senior)(IJS)
  • Well Balanced Free Skate (No Test – Senior)(IJS)
  • Adult Singles Free Skate (Adult Beginner – Adult Pre-Bronze)(6.0)
  • Adult Singles Free Skate (Adult Bronze
    – Masters Jr/Sr)(IJS)                           


  • Compulsory Moves (No Test–Pre-Juvenile)(6.0)
  • Excel Compulsory Moves (Excel Beginner – Excel Preliminary)(6.0)
  • Adult Compulsory Moves (Adult Beginner–Masters Jr/Sr) (6.0)
  • Jumps (Beginner – Pre-Juvenile)(6.0)
  • Spins (Beginner – Pre-Juvenile)(6.0)


  • Emotional Performance (Beginner – Senior, Adult) (CJS)
  • Choreographic Artistry (Juvenile – Senior,
  • Lyrical Pop (Beginner – Senior, Adult)(CJS)
  • Character Performance (Beginner – Senior, Adult)(CJS)
  • Comedic Impressions (Beginner – Senior, Adult)(CJS)
  • Duets/Trios (Beginner – Senior, Adult)(CJS)
  • Mini Production Ensemble/Production Ensemble(CJS)


  • Adult Solo Free Dance (Adult Bronze – Adult Gold) (6.0)
  • Solo Free Dance (Juvenile – Senior)(6.0)
  • Adult Solo Pattern Dance (Preliminary – Gold)(6.0)
  • Ashleyann Carlson Memorial Solo Cha Cha (6.0)
  • Frank Frey Memorial Solo Rocker Foxtrot(6.0)


  • Compete USA Elements/Compulsory Moves (Snowplow Sam – FS6, Adult 1-6) (6.0)
  • Compete USA Program w/Music (Snowplow Sam – FS6, Adult 1-6) (6.0)
  • Compete USA Showcase – Dramatic
  • Entertainment (Basic 1-6, Pre-FS-FS 6, Adult 1-6z)(6.0)
  • Compete USA Showcase – Light Entertainment (Basic 1-6, Pre-FS-FS 6, Adult 1-6z)(6.0)

Additional Notes

The following Practice Ice Options will be offered:

1) Warm-up ice (15 min. session 0-3 hours prior to your event) for all free skates (Beginner and higher) and short program events – no music, selectable by the skater. Max number of sessions is 1 per event. Can be reserved in advance.
2) Practice Ice (30 min session) – no music, selectable by the skater. Max number of sessions is 1 per skater. Can be reserved in advance.

Cost: Warm up Ice – no music
a. 15.00 pre-purchased online
b. 20.00 purchased online from the schedule
Cost: Practice ice – no music
a. 20.00 pre-purchase online
b. 25.00 purchased online from the schedule



  • The IJS judging system will be used for Pre-Preliminary to Senior Excel, No Test to Senior Well-Balanced Free Skate, Adult Bronze to Masters Jr-Sr Free Skate, and Juvenile / Open Juvenile to Senior Short Programs.


  • The CJS will be used for Preliminary and higher Showcase events.
  • The 6.0 majority system will be used for all other event.

Competition Rules and Format

The Colorado Springs Invitational will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of U.S. Figure Skating, as set forth in the current rulebook, the Compete USA Manual, as well as any pertinent updates which have been posted on the U.S. Figure Skating website.

  • This competition is open to all eligible, restricted, reinstated or readmitted persons as defined by the Eligibility Rules.
  • Skaters must be a currently registered member of Learn to Skate USA, a U.S. Figure Skating member club, a collegiate club or an individual member in accordance with the current rulebook.
  • Those competing as a State Games competitor may be affiliated with the USFS, ISI, or unaffiliated with any organization.

TEST LEVEL: As of December 1, 2023, singles athletes may opt to accelerate their test progression within U.S. Figure Skating and thus compete at level(s) best suited for their technical skillset.

AGE RESTRICTIONS / REQUIREMENTS: Age restricted events are based upon the skater’s age as of July 1, 2023.

Eligibility Notes:
1. The singles free skate test levels will remain as a minimum requirement to compete.
2. Athletes may not skate down in any event.
3. This update does NOT apply to Adult, Showcase and Solo Dance.

Locker Room/Changing Areas:

  • Ready rooms will be available to put on skates.
  • Locker rooms will not be available. Come to the rink dressed and ready to skate.
  • Individual portable changing tents will be available for use in the east rink warm up area for costume changes.


  • No flash photography allowed
  • No admission charge for spectators

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Competition Begins:

*The RMSG has a NO REFUND policy.  Click here for details on eligibility, inclement weather, refunds, etc.

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