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Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb

Summit - Finish Line

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The Finish Line is 12.42 miles/20 km from the Start Line at an elevation of 14,115 ft. Reaching this point is a prestigious accomplishment for any cyclist.  You will receive a coveted Summiteer Award for overcoming America's Mountain.  Take some time to rest and relax with the other Summiteers before rewarding yourself with the ride back down to the Festival and Awards Area.  Be sure to ride downhill on the right-hand side of the highway to avoid the cyclists that are still riding up to the summit.  There may be cyclists and vehicles coming uphill so watch your speed and don't overheat your brakes.  If you would rather, you have the option of taking a shuttle back down for an additional fee to the shuttle company.

There will be snacks, a hydration station, restrooms, and emergency communications at the Summit.  You can also take some time to visit the Summit House for a souvenir or a doughnut.  You will have access to your gear bag at the Summit.  Gear bags MUST be marked with your corresponding race number.  Your gear bag will be transported down to the Festival and Awards Area at the conclusion of the race/ride, when timing has been closed.  Be sure to thank those organizations and companies that support this event at this location.

Hydration Station - Soco Velo
Snack Station - Soco Velo                 
Shuttle Service - Challenge Unlimited

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courtsey of Logan Riely - The Gazette