Early Registration: March 1 – April 30

    Standard Registration: May 1 – August 2

    Packet Pickup Registration: August 5 & 6 at Hotel Elegante from 6:00-8:00pm.


    Thursday, August 5, 6:00-8:00 pm and Friday, August 6, 6:00-8:00 pm

    Hotel Elegante: 2886 S Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (719-576-5900)


    The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb Competitive Race will be held in conjunction with a gran fondo. Please keep in mind; you are sharing the highway with these riders.  Be courteous and aware as you are ride.  Communicate clearly as you pass, use the Yellow Line Rule at all times, and be aware that cyclists may overtake you on the route. 


    Electric bicycles must meet the state definition of a “bicycle” and “electric assisted bicycle.

    1. Exhibition – We encourage anyone with an electric bicycle to participate in this fun portion of PPCHC
      1. Your entry must be an electric bicycle that meets the e-bike criteria of Class 1, 2 or 3
      2. Carry an extra battery if you like & enjoy a lifetime experience
    2. Competitive – This is a medal class where your achievement will be based on your physical efforts, with a little bit of help from your bike
      1. All e-bikes must meet the definition of a Class 1: maximum motor size of 750 watts, no throttle, and maximum pedal assisted speed of 20 mph
      2. Rider is only allowed one battery
      3. Class 2 & 3 e-bikes can be modified/configured to meet the Class 1 criteria – this will be inspected at our technical inspection during Packet Pickup (Aug 5 & 6 at Hotel Elegante, 6:00-8:00pm)
        • Throttles will have to be disconnected & tied off with a zip tie
        • Speed setting on the e-bike must be set at 20 mph (or 15 amps current input) to ensure motor output is limited to 750 watts
      4. License NOT required for Competitive E-Bike participants
      5. Technical Inspection will be REQUIRED/MANDATORY for all Competitive E-Bike participants – Tech Inspection details below:
        • Dates/Time: August 5 & 6, 6:00-8:00pm
        • Location: Hotel Elegante (2886 S Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906)
        • Participants will receive a sticker indicating their e-bike has been approved for the competitive category
          • Please note, our e-bike representative will be looking for this sticker on race day to ensure e-bikes have completed a technical inspection PRIOR to race day
        • Participants will be moved into the E-Bike Exhibition if they do not complete a technical inspection – NO TECHNICAL INSPECTIONS ON RACE DAY. 


    All cyclists will receive a pass to access the highway in their race packet.  Everyone accessing the Pikes Peak Highway Gateway the day of the race must either have a pass or they will be charged the normal Pikes Peak Highway fee.  This fee must be paid by race support members and/or family members.  Fees are:

    •  Ages 6-15 = $5 per person
    • Ages 16 and older = $15 per person
    • Family Plan (up to 5 people) = $50

    *No one will be allowed above the Start Line (except cyclists) before 9:00am for any reason*


    Parking will be at multiple locations near the Start Line and down to Crystal Reservoir Visitors Area. Check the map on the event website for parking locations.


    Apply to all Junior racers – See USAC Rule 1I4.


    We will transport your warm clothing bag to the Summit. Transport vehicles will depart at a specific time prior to the start.  Your bag MUST be tagged with your corresponding race number.  Departure times for transport vehicles are posted on the event website and can be found in the Technical Manual.


    CLICK HERE. Participants will have access to the Technical Guide which includes information about the competitive hill climb race. A PDF of the guide will be sent to all participants prior to the event.


    All USAC Rules apply. USAC waiver must be signed by all racers or parent/guardian for anyone 18 years or younger. BRAC membership required for Colorado USAC members.


    USAC 1-Day Beginner license: $10, only for Cat 5 Men/Women, and juniors who have never previously held a USAC license with a higher category; Experienced license $25, only available to former USAC members Cat 1/2/3/4.  Can only be purchased online at www.usacycling.org/events/?state=CO, select appropriate event, then click on “Purchase One-Day License”. Bring the receipt to the race.  Annual USAC licenses available online at www.usacycling.org.


    BRAC 1-day membership: $5, available on the BRAC website. Please note, BRAC 1-day membership exempt with USAC 1-day License or for out-of-state riders.  Annual memberships available online at www.coloradocycling.org.  BRAC members is required for points obtained to count towards Rocky Mountain Road Cup, individual or team competition.


    All participants will be timed using disposable chips.  Timing will be closed at the summit at 9:45 AM.  Those that do not reach the summit by that time will not timed.


    This is the same course that The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill climb has been using for auto racing since 1916. Cyclists will negotiate over 156 turns, for 12.5 mi/20 km, and climb over 4,700 ft. to the summit.


    The start line is located approximately 7 miles uphill from the Pikes Peak Highway Gateway, just past Crystal Reservoir. The start time for the first wave of the competitive race will approximately 6:20 am.


    There will be snack & hydration stations at the Festival and Awards Area, Glen Cove, Devil’s Playground, and at the Summit. Please bring a water bottle and remember NOT to litter.


    It is extremely important that you are careful during your descent.  There will be race operations and officials vehicles on the course.  If you have not reached the Festival Area prior to 9:00 am, there WILL BE general public vehicles on the course.  USE EXTREME CAUTION, use the Yellow Line Rule at all times, follow posted speed limits (Rangers will ticket for speeding), control your breaking, watch for wildlife, pass vehicles only in designated passing areas, and take rest breaks as needed.

    Please note, school buses (Pikes Peak Highway shuttle service) will be driving up the highway to be staged at Devils Playground (16 mile) for the general public – please be cautious when descending around corners. 


    MANDATORY brake checks will be conducted at the Glen Cove gate by Pikes Peak Highway staff for all cyclists descending from the Summit and continuing down to the highway.  WARNINGoverheated rims can cause tire failure.  You may want to deflate tires prior to your descent.


    The award ceremonies and medals will be handed in the Festival Area, near the Start Line.  Awards are tentatively scheduled for 9:30 AM starting with the gran fondo and then the competitive race. Awards will be given out when all recipients are available.


    There will not be technical support on race day.


    Hotel Elegante is the host hotel for this event. Room reservations may be made by calling (719) 576-5900. Please CLICK HERE for the PPCHC room block.


    Take I-25 to Downtown Colorado Springs. Exit I-25 at exit 141, to Highway 24 West. Follow Highway 24 West to Cascade, Colorado, approximately 10 miles. Follow the signs to Pikes Peak Highway and turn left at the Cascade traffic signal. Pikes Peak Highway will veer to your left in approximately a ½ mile.


    This race will be held rain or shine, no refunds. The Race Director and Pikes Peak Highway staff has the authority to cancel the race due to weather or other concerns.  Please plan to have appropriate gear available to wear or packed in your gear bag.

    ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES ON AUGUST 2 AT 5:00 PM MST. Register prior to July 1 and receive a free t-shirt!

    PURCHASE A 2021 COLLECTOR JERSEY! DESIGN COMING SOON. *Must register by Friday, June 4, 2021 to purchase a jersey*