Commissioner Information

Michelle Freddolino
Commissioner Since 2022

Competition Date

Saturday, July 30 – Sunday, July 31

Competition Venue

Altitude Ninja Gym, 750 Garden of the Gods Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Registration Entry Fees and Deadlines

Early Registration Deadline (Thursday, June 30)

Registration Fee: $25

Late Registration Deadline (Thursday, July 28)

Registration Fee: $40
Military Support Program: 
The Military Support Program has been created to allow active duty and retired service members, their spouses and dependents to participate in the Rocky Mountain State Games with up to a 50% discount off the normal registration fees. For Military Registration Assistance applications and more information, visit the Military Support Program webpage.

Competition Format Details



  • Male
  • Female


  • 7U
  • 9U
  • 11U
  • 13U
  • 15U
  • Amateur (16-39)
  • Masters (40+)
  • Pro (13+, having competed at the pro level or if has been on the show as a youth or adult)


  • Individual
Note:  Age is determined as of 
Competition Format:

The Ninja Challenge is an Ninja Warrior style obstacle competition with obstacles similar to the show American Ninja Warrior, including a buzzer to hit if you should defeat the course. Participants won’t know exactly what the course will be until the day of the event. The course is designed by Ninja Intensity course designers and veteran athletes in line with the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) for the best ninja experience possible.

Length of course will be up to 10 obstacles including warped walls (two wall heights for age groups). Course has a time limit of 3 minutes and 30 seconds for completion, for all ages. Once an obstacle has been attempted, no mulligans will be allowed. The athletes run will be completed upon failed obstacle or time expiration. Once an athlete falls three times, they are out of the competition. Upon completion of the course, athlete must immediately depart course area in preparation for next athlete. One person may be allowed on the sideline of the competitor while they are running the course, but in no way assisting the competitor or risk disqualification. Competitors may not warm-up on the course on competition day, nor touch the course in any way or can risk disqualification.


You must be 6 years or older to compete in UNAA. All athletes for the 2019-20 Season 5 shall compete in their appropriate class. Any athlete in the age group classes may move up to the next age group if they so choose. Once they have moved up to that class, they must remain in that class for the duration of the year. Each course is age appropriate and if an athlete competes up – no accommodations will be made for height adjustments.
Competition Rules:
UNAA ( rules will govern this competition. No mulligans will be issued and it will be a three falls and out elimination. UNAA membership will be verifies on-site day of competition. The UNAA membership fee is included in the registration fee for new members. Existing UNAA members do not receive a discount off registration. 
*The RMSG has a NO REFUND policy. Click here for details on eligibility, inclement weather, refunds, etc.*
Saturday, July 30

Youth Participants
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm 
Sunday, July 31
Adult Athletes
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm 


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